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Google Maps for Android gets updated with better check-ins, better transit info, and more

Google Maps for Android keeps getting better and better. El Goog just released a new version of the popular app to the Market with a handful of new features. It hasn’t been more than a week since the company updated Google Maps for the mobile browser, and here we are once again with a new version of Google Maps for Android. Seeing the service get updated so frequently, you get the sense that the company is extremely obsessed about the local space.

In this new version, Google has improved the way users can check in and check out of places. Now, when you go to a Place page, you can check in and give the place a rating right there on the same page. Last month, Google released the Location History dashboard, which allows people to see where they’ve been and how much time they spent at work or home. I’m not sure how many people actually use this feature but you’ll now be able to change your home and work address right from inside Latitude. Have fun realizing that you’re spending way too much at work — or slacking at home for that matter.

Google Maps is not only good at giving you driving directions, but the app is also extremely useful for those of you who walk everywhere — and now it’s better. In this version, Google has updated the transit station page, making it easier for users to plan their trip. With each page now showing “a list of upcoming scheduled departures for different lines, all the transit lines serving the station, and links to nearby transit stations.”

I find it a little coincidental that Google updates the Google Maps app right before a big press event. Something tells me that this version of Google Maps has something to do with tomorrow’s event. Maybe it has some hidden feature that the company will show off tomorrow. You know what would make me want to use Latitude’s Location History dashboard, if it showed me all the places where I’ve used my Nexus S to pay for stuff. I guess we’ll find out soon.


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Source: Google Mobile Blog

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