May 10 AT 12:54 PM Alberto Vildosola 22 Comments

Google partners with manufacturers and carriers to speed up Android updates

Are you sick and tired of waiting for your carrier or phone manufacturer to roll out the latest Android update? Fear not, Google feels your pain. The company just announced at the Google I/O keynote that it’s partnering with wireless carriers and OEMs with the goal of speeding up the updating process.

Initially, Google has partnered with the following carriers: AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Sprint, and Verizon. On the hardware side, the partners are HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and Motorola. These companies have agreed to update their phones for at least 18 months after release. Knowing that your phone won’t become obsolete the next time Google releases a new update, certainly brings piece of mind to many would-be buyers.

Additionally, from now on Google will dictate guidelines on how long it takes for a device to be updated. Hopefully, this means we’ll no longer have to wait six months to get Android’s latest and greatest. It seems like Google wants to standardize the update process and the time it takes to update an Android phone — and that’s all fine by us. Meanwhile, I’ll be here dreaming about the day all Android phones get updated one month after Google announces an update.

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