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Google plans to make special Google Wallet stickers for phones without NFC

At the Google Wallet press event this morning, the company let it slip during the Q/A session that it plans to release a special sticker that’ll allow phones without NFC to talk with the Google Wallet app.

Right now, the only phone that’ll be able to use Google Wallet is the Nexus S 4G. While the company said at the event that most Android phones will support NFC in the future, that’s at least a year away. Meanwhile, most Android users won’t be able to take advantage of this service. Google, of course, has a problem with that. Therefore, it makes sense that the company wants to create a solution for those of us without an NFC-capable device.

Here’s how it’d work: You’d get this special sticker from Google that has a single credit card’s info associated with it. You’d then put it on the back of your phone and the sticker would communicate with the Google Wallet app just like if your phone had an NFC chip. Pretty nifty, huh? While the sticker won’t allow you to take full advantage of Google Wallet — as you’d be limited to just using one credit card — it’ll still allow you to pay with your phone.

This sticker would very useful coupled with another product that Google announced today. Hidden among all the Google Wallet craziness, the company announced  the Google Prepaid Card. The card is not an actual card that you’d have in your wallet, but it’s instead a “virtual card”. You can fund the Google Prepaid Card from any other credit card or bank account that you currently have. Like icing on the cake, you’ll get $10 deposited in your Google Prepaid Card when you first open an account.

Technically, you could get a Google Prepaid Card and then have a sticker tied to that Google Prepaid Card. This way, your “special sticker” is not tied to just one bank or one credit card.

Will you guys be getting one of these stickers when they come out? I know I will.

Via: TechCrunch

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