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Little Android robots are about to take over your house with Android@Home

Are you ready to let Android take care of everything around the house? You better be, ’cause that’s where we seem to be headed. At the Google I/O keynote this morning, the company gave us a sneak peek of Android@Home. A project Google has been working on that’ll let us control everything in our home right from our Android phones.

Google wants everything in our house — from light bulbs to the faucet — to connect via Wi-Fi a low-power wireless connection with our Android devices. The company gave us an example of an alarm application that gently turns on the lights and stereo on your bedroom to wake you up. Later on, Google showed us a concept media hub developed by the company named Tungsten. In one of the most mind-blowing moments of the whole keynote, a Googler tapped an NFC-enabled CD case to the device, and it automatically started playing all the songs inside the CD. The future has arrived, people.

The possibilities are endless for what developers will be able to do with Android@Home. If Google gets its way, your fridge will soon buy the groceries, the vacuum cleaner will clean the house when you’re not home, the thermostat will adjust the temperature when you get home, and the front door will open using your phone. That’s all coming in the near future, thanks to Android. Android@Home might be ready around this year’s Holiday season, said Google. How else do you think Android@Home will help us in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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