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Motorola’s own website leaks a handful of new devices including the Xoom 2 and the Targa

Motorola’s web team just had a fairly severe oops moment as they went live with a revamped version of the site which included a number of devices that we are putting our eyes on for the first time. The site has already been pulled down, but Pocketnow managed to capture the images below before they vanished into the ether.

To be clear there aren’t a lot of details to go on here, just a series of pretty images with some rather interesting names, but maybe this little spill will spur Motorola to cough up some additional details.

I’ll go ahead and follow Motorola’s own order and kick things off with the aptly named Tracy XL. With the name and the tag line that, “Dick Tracy never saw this coming,” we can assume that this is a watch phone and most likely one with a front facing camera if anyone at Motorola ever saw Dick Tracy and knows what his watch could do. Whether this will just be an accessory or if it can operate as a standalone device is of course a mystery for now.

Motorola Tracy Watch

Next up is the Slimline which is gunmetal gray and has an interesting tapering effect on the back which comes to a point at the camera, but rather than just sloping up at the very top of the phone as with the Droid X and X2 it slopes from all 4 sides toward the camera module. Presumably at its thinnest point this should eclipse even the Galaxy S II.

Motorola Slimline

Moving down the line we find ourselves at the Zaha which is accompanied by the simple statement that it is “the future now.” Whether that means its specs are so mind bogglingly awesome that we’ll assume it’s some sort of Shi’ar technology[1] bestowed only upon Motorola or if it was just the only thing that they could think of to put next to it who knows. Unfortunately the Targa didn’t get a front and center shot of its own, but you can actually see it in the bottom of this image and it has the same gunmetal gray finish as the slimline and beyond that you can refer to our previous post on it for clues as to what it might be packing.

Motorola Zaha and Motorola Targa

Lastly we have the Xoom 2 which also managed to avoid center stage, but did appear in the bottom left corner of all of the photos above. As you’ll probably notice it looks basically identical to the original Xoom from the front so the major change is likely that it has been put on a drastic diet to give it less of a complex next to the Galaxy Tabs.

While we wait for another kindly Motorola employee to leak the actual details on these new devices what do you think of the newcomers based on these photos?


  1. +5 geek points if you get the reference.

Source: Pocketnow

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