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Rumor: Amazon tablets to cost $350-$450, are you convinced? (Poll)

A couple of weeks ago, our friend Taylor made an epic return from his labor quest, giving us a taste of what Amazon has in store for us. We all had suspicions that Amazon could be working on some Android devices, but Taylor took the stage and used his ninja skills to actually get word from an insider, bringing us much more details than we had.

How much do we know? Well, Amazon is working on bringing an “entire family” of devices to the market, which would include a phone and probably two tablets. Of course, Taylor is not the only stealthy spy on the streets, and Tim Bajarin from has provider further proof of Amazon’s upcoming foray into the hardware market. According to Tim’s sources, Amazon will have a 7-inch tablet priced at around $350, and a 10-inch model at around $450. The author makes no mention of a cellphone, though, which would have been nice to hear about.

Amazon definitely has the strength to bring some some major competition when it comes to prices. We expected prices to be a bit lower, with the smaller tablet priced at about $250 (like the Nook Color), and the larger one at around $400. It is undeniable that the prices given by Tim are still fair to today’s standards. Rumors say that these will carry Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 processors, a bold move that will leave Amazon with the most aggressively priced tablets on the market.

We can assume many outcomes, but ultimately, you guys (the consumer) are the ones that matter. We would like to know where you stand, so we have created a poll to see how everyone would feel if these prices happened to be accurate. Join us and take a vote! And please do share your reasons with us in the comment section!

After asking the Android and Me team where their vote would go, this is some of the feedback I received from them:

  • Alberto Vildosola: None, I am just not interested.“I’d have to wait and see how Amazon convinces me that I should buy all my Android apps all over again from the Amazon Appstore.”
  • Anthony Domanico: None, I am just not interested.“I have a Xoom, and I’m perfectly happy with it. Tablets, for me, are a nice-to-have rather than a need-to-have. Unless they have Tegra3 and other killer specs inside, I’m really not interested in trading up.The only thing I’d be a bit concerned about are the storage space, which seemingly has a huge influence on tablet pricing. What if these things had only 8GB of storage?”
  • Clark Wimberly: Tablets? I don’t need no stinking tablets!“I’ll always take a freebie, but you would be hard pressed to ever find me spending my own money on a tablet.For the foreseeable future, at least.”
  • Justin Shapcott: Tablets? I don’t need no stinking tablets!“I would not purchase any tablet, no matter who made or distributed it, at any pricepoint. If someone gave me one, I would accept it, and maybe even use it, but I’d never actually buy one. I still don’t see a valid use case for tablets.”
  • Keivan Askari: None, I am just not interested.“I have the galaxy 10.1 and am completely happy with it. If there was one with less memory, cheaper, only used micro sd for storage, and was a 7-inch like the nook, but came with a limited amount of free 3g data, I would look at it.”
  • Nick Gray: None, I am just not interested.“The specs would need to be amazing (tegra 3 with an amazing display), but I’d still not buy it. I know there are a lot of amazon fans out there, but I have a hard time handing over my money for a device designed by a retailer. They know books like nobody’s business, but I doubt that their first android tablets will offer enough for me to switch.”
  • Sean Riley: None, I am just not interested. “I already have a couple tablets and enjoy them both, so unless Amazon has an incredible value proposition I won’t be replacing my current setup.I have to say I just don’t buy that pricing unless Amazon is going to package in their streaming video service and some cloud drive storage as well. One of their biggest advantages versus the rest of the Android tablet manufacturers is that they will control the entire ecosystem which should guarantee that they will be pulling cash after sale and if they don’t discount the initial purchase price they’ll be squandering that advantage. The other possibility that makes sense would be to offer a steep discount ($150-$200) on the hardware to Prime subscribers. “


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