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Rumor: HTC Puccini to be powered by Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon chip

The not very elusive HTC Puccini is making a public appearance once again. As we saw a week ago, the HTC Puccini is a Honeycomb tablet headed to AT&T with LTE support. Today, we got one more piece of the puzzle, the tablet will be powered by Qualcomm’s MSM8660 Snapdragon dual-core CPU.

We last saw the MSM8660 at CES back in January, and while the CPU showed promise, it lost the race to market to NVIDIA’s Tegra 2. A few months later, Tegra 2 is everywhere from Audi vehicles to phones but we’ve yet to see a single device carrying the MSM8660. By the time we start seeing devices powered by Qualcomm’s chip, NVIDIA will be getting ready to launch Tegra 3.

However, we’ve yet to see how this 1.5 Ghz dual-core Snapdragon beast will perform, so I’ll keep an open mind until I see some benchmarks. (UPDATE: According to these benchmarks, the MSM8660 leaves Tegra 2 in the dust, Thanks, Dags)

Chinese blog,, also managed to get a screenshot (seen above) of how Honeycomb will supposedly look with HTC Sense on top. Nonetheless, I’d take this screenshot with the biggest grain of salt you can find. Simply because I don’t think HTC is capable of doing such an atrocity to the already-beautiful Honeycomb UI. Stretching out the Android phone UI and changing the app launcher is not my idea of improving Honeycomb. This could very well be how Android looks on the HTC Puccini right now, but it’ll definitely change before release — I hope.

We’re definitely in for a crazy holiday season this year. With Qualcomm bringing out the big guns to fend off NVIDIA, and NVIDIA fighting back with Tegra 3, Android devices are about to get a whole lot faster. Now you just have to ask yourself, which one will I choose?

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