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Google I/O day 2 giveaways: Verizon 4G LTE hotspot and Chrome notebook

Samsung seems to really be taking the stage away this year, at least when it comes to giveaways. Yesterday, all Google I/O attendees got a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is a huge giveaway by itself. We have just found out that Samsung’s Honeycomb tablet is not the only thing developers are going home with tonight. Samsung (along with Verizon) is also giving away a 4G LTE hotspot device to everyone at the Moscone center today.

Though this device should theoretically get from 5-12 MB down speeds, some speed tests out there have shown that it can reach higher than 20 (far surpassing many home connections, even). This device will surely keep all developers happy and well connected, and for free, things can not get any better! Don’t we wish we were there?


Google has just announced that they will also give away a Chrome notebook to everyone at Google I/O. The notebooks are not in San Francisco just yet though. Google I/O attendees will be receiving more information in the near future, and the Chrome notebooks should be available by June 15th.

Altogether, developers are walking out with three devices today: a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Samsung 4G LTE hotspot, and a Chrome notebook. You are some lucky guys!

Check out Google’s new ad for Chrome OS. Do you guys think Chrome OS is the way to go? Would you use it instead of Windows or Mac?

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Source: Google

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