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Samsung gives away 5,000 Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets at Google I/O (Video)

After hearing rumors that Google I/O attendees would be getting a free phone and a tablet this year, we could not help but to start speculating which devices these might be. Well, whether the rumor we reported was exactly true or not, we now know that the folks that were lucky enough to snatch a Google I/O ticket are going back home with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung is is giving away 5,000 tablets to everyone at the Moscone Center today, surely a treat that will keep all developers enthusiastic and working hard. So, are we all jealous? If you are one of the 5,000 lucky ones, how is this giveaway making you feel?

Via: Android Central

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  • http://Website phoebetech

    darn…missed out again!

    • http://Website Pathetic Tab 10.1

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  • http://Website riper

    Makes me very happy :-)

  • Phil Wolstenholme

    I’m jealous, I really wish these were available in the UK now, or were coming to us sometime not exclusive to Vodafone…

  • http://Website Mocha K

    Wow, im so jealous right now. That is the only tablet I wish to purchase.

  • http://Website Sarah Palin (the republican hood rat)

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    • http://Website Ben

      Why do you bother to log into a pro android website? Are you that big of jack ass that you have to start up shit for no apparent reason.

    • http://Website the helping hand

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  • Mighty_O

    now were is mine?

  • http://Website juandroid

    but i guess consumers will have to pay for this in the next purchase, don’t you think?

  • marcosss

    My Galaxy tab is awesome. Very happy!!
    Aren’t apple people strange?
    its like they have no genitals & are angry at the rest of us. What a sad lot…