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HTC Flyer available at Best Buy on May 22nd (Update: Available now!)

The WiFi-only HTC Flyer has been available for pre-order at Best Buy for almost a month. Though we could assume that its launch was coming soon, no official release date was given. The tablet may be very unique (offering its cool HTC Scribe feature), and many of us are dying to get our hands on it, but pre-ordering a something at this price without knowing an exact release date can be quite frustrating. Take a deep breath, Best Buy has just announced that the Flyer will be available as of May 22nd, which is this Sunday.

As we already reported, in order to take advantage of the HTC Scribe functionality one must purchase the stylus separately. It will go for $79.99 at Best Buy, which is quite disappointing, since European versions will come with the pen included, but if we are strong and put pressure on HTC/Best Buy, things might change in the near future.

Many of our readers and writers have expressed disappointment towards the fact that the Flyer and the stylus will be sold separately. What do you guys think? Do you think it is worth the price(s)? Are you going for it? Who out there has pre-ordered this tablet already?


If you have been getting anxiety attacks and don’t want to wait any longer, it seems like Best Buy is starting to sell HTC Flyers (that is if they have them on stock). Our friends from Android Central got an image of an internal Best Buy email (which is posted below), clarifying that stores no longer have to wait until Sunday to start selling these bad boys. So, what are you guys waiting for? Make a call, or stop by your local Best buy stores to see of you can purchase this today! If you get yours, let us know, and tell us your first impressions.

Via: Android Central

Source: Best Buy

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