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Will the “Xoom 4G” launch before the OG Xoom gets 4G?

Being the first Honeycomb tablet adds a lot of pressure to perform well. When you’re an overweight, bulky powerhouse from the same company that brought Android into the spotlight with the Droid, the expectation to be great is a little intensified. The Xoom was essentially released as an unfinished product, put into the hands of consumers with the expectation of future upgrades like a functioning SD slot and LTE support. To many, this made the Xoom seem like a sinking ship as competing tablets began to surface.

We’ve long since passed the 90-day mark Verizon and Motorola set for the resolution of these issues. And now it seems there might be a less-than-great reason for the delay. Coupled with rumors of mediocre sales and the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Verizon sporting LTE, a video from Verizon has cropped up with whispers of a sequel to the Xoom, dubbed the Xoom 4G, that is on its way.

If you haven’t stopped reading to go start a Vancouver-style rampage on your town, here’s what we know. This device is more than likely (as in, all but definitely) the tablet we saw in those leaked images of the Motorola website awhile back. Motorola had dubbed the tablet the Xoom 2 on the website leaks, but apparently the device will be called the Xoom 4G on Verizon wireless. It’s possible, given Sprint’s recent rekindling with Motorola, that the Xoom 2 name will pop up again on their network. But that’s just speculation. The Xoom 4G is the next in Motorola’s line of tablets, and as the name suggests, it’s coming with LTE ready to roll.

From the video, we can spot a few interesting things. For starters, the camera placement, Verizon Logo placement and the way in which the woman in the commercial holds the device leads us to believe the tablet has been built to be much more portrait friendly. Maybe even portrait preferred. The Xoom 4G doesn’t seem to be terribly thinner than the Xoom around the bezel, but it seems to be flat all the way across instead of bulged in the middle. Add the softer corners, and it seems the device will be lighter and easier to hold for extended periods of time. The front of the device appears to be completely computer-generated, which tells me that the apparent lack of a front facing camera is simply due to an incomplete render. But it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

So, has Verizon given up on the Xoom? Will the Xoom 4G come out before the Xoom gets the upgrades it deserves? Will there be a trade-in program where you can trade in your not-quite-done tablet for what Motorola should have released the first go ’round? Hopefully these questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks!

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