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Commercial proves that AT&T is set on taking T-Mobile

Whoa there, AT&T! Are we moving too fast? – We all know about the AT&T/T-Mobile possible merger, and most people have been openly showing their stand on this situation all over the internet. Even Sprint has turned in an official statement to the FCC, further clarifying that this this acquisition will create havoc and ultimately hurt the consumer.

In case you haven’t seen this commercial, it was aired during NBA’s Finals. AT&T seems to be set on acquiring T-Mobile, and pretty sure about it too, since they have even gone out of their way to make a commercial about the subject.

The commercial states that AT&T plans to combine with T-Mobile to bring a “stronger network.” While most customers are complaining about this, it seems AT&T is going all out before the deal is even passed, and has already started to invest money on advertisement for said acquisition.

Things are moving faster than we thought, and AT&T is not stopping. It would help if all of us submit our opinions to the FCC and start acting as a community. For now, check out the video, and let us know what you think about it on the comments section!

Source: TmoNews

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