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Five features in iOS 5 that I wish Android had by now

Apple might not be leading the way in mobile anymore, but iOS still has a lot of features other platforms lack. Having gone through all the features iOS 5 copied straight from Android, it’s time to take a look at some of the new features from iOS 5 that I wish Android had already. Starting with…

Game Center

Gaming is one of those areas where Android still lags behind iOS. While the platform has a lot of high-quality and popular games like Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and Fruit Ninja, there’s something missing. Android needs its own Game Center–a service that allows gamers to easily find friends, unlock achievements and discover those awesome games they don’t know about yet.

Launch the Camera app right from the lock screen

Apple introduced a new feature today that lets users launch the Camera app right from the lock screen. I can’t put into words how useful this is for those moments when you need to quickly snap a photo. On Android, this same action takes way too many steps. Please, Google, fix this.

Multitasking gestures

Google might be getting rid of hardware buttons on Honeycomb, but the company shouldn’t stop there. Today, Apple hinted that the next-gen iPad will get rid of the Home button current devices have. Apple will replace the button with multitasking gestures like pinching to go Home, and swiping to switch between applications. Multitasking gestures might not work on small devices like a phone, but on tablets it’s a god-send.

Airplay mirroring

Airplay mirroring was the only feature from the iOS announcement that truly impressed me today. iOS users will be able to wirelessly stream whatever is showing on their device’s screen to their Apple TVs. Just having this feature work without cables is enough to make me want this, but the icing on the cake is that it will work across the whole OS — meaning is not per-app.

If being able to watch Netflix on the go excites you, imagine being able to do so on any TV as long as you have your phone with you. Of course, we’ve yet to see if Apple has put some APIs in place that let developers block their apps from working with this feature. If so, this feature loses half its awesomeness. It goes without saying that Google should implement this on Ice Cream Sandwich. Pretty please?

Newsstand app

Apple also introduced an app today called Newsstand that will allow you to take your favorite magazines and newspapers everywhere you go. The app also lets you subscribe to magazines and newspapers and will automatically update them as they are released. Even though it might not be that easy for Google to bring this to Android, seeing how some newspapers blame Google for their demise, Google needs to do it anyway.

There you have it. Five features from iOS 5 that Android needs to have yesterday. If you know of any other feature that our iFriends love to brag about, let us know in the comments. Like always, keep it civil.[1]



  1. Image via Intomobile
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