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Help us identify this mysterious Motorola device and get a cookie

Who doesn’t love a blurry and suspicious leaked photo of an upcoming device once in a while? We sure do. Today’s treat is brought to you by the guys over at PocketNow, who have come across the photo you see below. The device is believed to be an Android device from Motorola. And that’s where all the details stop.

The device is obviously going through the testing phase, seeing as it has a ribbon cable attached for some serious testing business. Then there’s the lack of any visible hardware button. (Gasp! Ice Cream Sandwich!) Or maybe it has capacitive buttons and they’re invisible when the phone is turned off. PocketNow also notes the device has a “horizontal seam at the bottom,” meaning it could have a QWERTY keyboard. So, does anybody recognize this Motorola phone? Let us know in the comments.

Name that phone.

Via: Pocketnow

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