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HTC EVO 3D Netflix/Flashlight app withdrawals? We got ya covered! (Update)

If you went from the HTC EVO 4G to the HTC EVO 3D, Netflix hasn’t been very nice to you for the last month or so. Things seemed way too perfect when the HTC EVO 4G received its long-awaited Gingerbread update. The good ol’ EVO 4G was now even faster and smoother, and everything was working great. Until you tried to watch your favorite shows on Netflix, that is. It was definitely a downer to see the Gingerbread update got rid of your Netflix compatibility, but this problem was fixed with another update issued about 2 weeks ago.

Now those hard-core HTC EVO 4G fans who decided to go for its successor, the HTC EVO 3D, probably have their spirits down again. While the EVO 3D is a better device overall, it is lacking Netflix support. Also, many have been complaining about the lack of the Flashlight app (a simple, but very helpful and necessary app the EVO 3D did not inherit from the EVO 4G).

For those with Netflix/Flashlight withdrawals (or those who just want these apps on their brand new EVO 3D), there is a solution. You won’t be able to find these apps on the Android Market. But if you get the unmodified apps from the EVO 4G, they can be sideloaded into the HTC’s 3D smartphone. You find the apk files for these two apps at the Pocketables Forums and install them yourself.

I have personally tested both apps on the HTC EVO 3D and they work perfectly. You guys should be set to watch your favorite movies on Netflix now. If you do happen to run into any problems, please let us know so we can further investigate the topic. Is this working for everyone?


It has been brought to our attention that the download links no longer work. Seems like too many of you were trying to hop on these links, and they have been canceled due to a high level of traffic! Do not fear, though, here is another set of links for you!



Thanks for the heads up, Kevin!

Via: Phandroid

Source: Pocketables Forum

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  1. KevinGuest 4 years ago

    Links no longer work…too much traffic. Anyone have a mirror for flashlight?

  2. maxGuest 4 years ago

    i care more about the flashlight app lol

  3. Tried the Netflix apk on my Sensation and it works. Nice!

  4. Richard YarrellGuest 4 years ago

    @Edgar…Yeah I had gotten these apk files last week and installed netflix and the old evo 4g flashlight app to my evo 3d on Tuesday. All is working perfectly..

  5. Adult Mobile VideosGuest 4 years ago

    I installed the NetFlix apk on my Sensation and it works great.. watching movies now THANKS!

  6. WOrking AMazing on my Sensation also, Thank You!! it’s amazing how great the movies look on qHD. : ) watching “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” as we speak.

    • randomguyGuest 4 years ago

      Not even 3 weeks ago you were bashing Skype for being “too selective” with the devices it puts it’s software on… STFU

  7. PFC Samuel HarbisonGuest 4 years ago

    I keep getting a parse error for the netflix apk, what am I doing wrong?? Sorry I’m a newb!

  8. PFC Samuel HarbisonGuest 4 years ago

    I just got it sorted out, netflix works flawlessly. All I need now is netflix to stream 3d movies.

  9. GregGuest 4 years ago

    Should I be freaked that the install says I am allowing the app access to what seems like a lot on my phone? Just nervous since it is a non market app and I am new to this.

  10. KhiemGuest 4 years ago

    Flashlight is now available for download directly thru HTC Hub

  11. FCGuest 4 years ago

    I have the app on my Mac but can’t get it onto my EVO 3D. Can anyone walk me through getting onto my phone please.

  12. kaylsGuest 4 years ago
  13. tjdobbsGuest 4 years ago

    Both downloads worked perfect on my HTC 4g 3D from Sprint. Netflix streaming even worked perfect. Thank you!!!!!

  14. ChrisGuest 4 years ago

    PFC Samuel Harbison
    I’m also getting the parse error.
    How did you fix it?

  15. james braseltonGuest 4 years ago

    hi there wow whill you waiting for netflix 3d movie streaming service i know a andriod cheat both for htc evo 3d or lg thrill 3d just go too the sprint or at&t movie app and the cellphone carriers have 3d movies on there movie store app i am trading my iphone 4 for the lg thrill 3d and now were too buy 3d movies for 3d phones and 3d tablets

  16. ChuckyGuest 3 years ago

    I downloaded it and now its telling me I can log in until I update, but updating is what messed my netflix up in the first place. Please Help Me Out!!!!

  17. james braseltonGuest 3 years ago

    Hi. There. Good. News. Netflix. Has. Now. 9. 3D. Streaming. Movies. Too. Soon. Evo. 3D. LG. Thrill. 3D. And. Sony. Arc. S. 3D. Phones. Have. A. Lot. Of. 3D. movies. Too watch

  18. asGuest 3 years ago

    Megaupload is seized have any other links?

  19. james braseltonGuest 3 years ago

    hi there yeah had too use mspot becuase i bought my first 3d movie for my 3d lg thrill phone called meet the robersons 3d for $6.99 and bought a 3d movie on demand from comcast for $6.99 called spy kids 3d soo 2 3d movies for $14