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HTC EVO 4G gains Gingerbread, loses Netflix

After waiting for months, HTC EVO 4G users finally got a taste of Gingerbread this weekend. Though you may be enjoying the benefits of the update to Android 2.3, there seems to be a pretty big downside as well. As many of you have probably realized, Netflix has stopped working on updated EVOs. Netflix has stripped the EVO 4G from the list of supported devices and confirmed this is due to the recent Android 2.3 Gingerbread update.

This is not good news to hear, especially for one of the very few Snapdragon devices that is compatible with the Netflix app. Netflix has been one of the most anticipated apps on the Android platform, and its arrival was big news to everyone, even though many can’t make use of it. Netflix does mention that they are working on a fix, but no details on the time frame were given.

Having this service available on Android is great, but it has also been a great disappointment for many Android users. The fact that it is only compatible with a few devices is definitely a big issue in and of itself, but it seems like OS updates might be bringing issues as well. One does wonder if this problem will rise up every time a device receives an update. What do you guys think? EVO users, are you upset about this?

Via: Android Central

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