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HTC readying OTA update to unlock Sensation’s bootloader

Keeping true on the promise to return to their hacker-friendly roots, HTC has indicated they are working to prepare a software update for the T-Mobile HTC Sensation that will serve to unlock the phone’s bootloader. (Though we still aren’t completely sure what they mean by “unlocked”).

This update from HTC didn’t come via traditional channels such as Facebook or Twitter, but instead surfaced as an email response to concerned members over at XDA. With the launch of the Sensation only a week away, the modder/early-adopter crowd was starting to get antsy over this issue, and it’s good to see that HTC has responded in some way to their concerns.

Since no visual proof was offered, we’re still a tad on the skeptical side before we receive official word from HTC on this issue. That being said, we are optimistic that the Sensation will be unlocked at some point in light of HTC’s recent adjustment of their lockdown policy.

Does this move by HTC have you re-considering the Sensation 4G, which hits stores on June 15th, or have you already decided on the Galaxy S2? Or to hold out for the Nexus 3? Sound off in the comments.

Via: Unwiredview

Source: XDA-Developers

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