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HTC Thunderbolt keeps rebooting? Fix is on the way!

Being Verizon’s first 4G LTE Android smartphone is no simple task. The consumer is not very easily satisfied, and the HTC Thunderbolt’s battery life is already a huge concern. Well, some things we can handle. We might even forgive Verizon for the infamous 4G downtime. We also know that 4G LTE sucks the life out of the batteries, so we can even live with that if we so choose to. But, things got pretty bad with the last OTA update.

While updates are always exciting, the Thunderbolt’s last update didn’t bring good things. After the OTA was rolled out, customers started reporting issues with signal, as well as multiple device reboots throughout the day.

Android Central just got a leaked internal document (posted below) that proves Verizon and HTC are working on a fix for this problem. This problem will be fixed sometime during the second half of June. Sadly, it seems like Thunderbolt users have no option but to wait it out, since Verizon has no short-term fix.

According to this document, if the situation is “unacceptable from a customer perspective,” one can simply get a new Thunderbolt from Verizon. If you think you can handle a few reboots a day, though, you can simply wait for the software maintenance release to come around.

As smartphone users, we have gotten used to bugs here and there, but multiple device reboots a day? That simply sounds like too much to handle, and this issue should have definitely been addressed sooner. What do you guys say? Are Verizon and HTC taking too long to fix this? Are you happy to hear that this update is coming? Also, let us know what kind of issues you are experiencing since the problematic update came around.

Via: Android Central

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