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I’m Color, an Android watch available in 7 colors

Succeeding the I’m Watch, the I’m Color is a wristwatch that comes packed with a customized version of Android. We have seen other major manufacturers bring similar ideas, like the Sony Ericsson LiveView, and Motorola’s just leaked Tracy XL. Though these manufacturers’ prestige is much higher, the I’m Color is definitely not staying behind, and it is certainly a viable option to consider.

Though the I’m Color is basically an Android device/accessory, it works on multiple platforms. This nifty device is able to connect to iPhone, Android, and soon to other devices like Blackberry. Upon making a connection with your device, the I’m Color gives you access to multiple applications, like Facebook, Twitter, Email, and text messages. It is even possible to answer incoming calls with it, much like those classic science fiction movies we all love. Like the Sony Ericsson LiveView, this Android watch connects to your device via bluetooth, but it can also sync through WiFi hotspot (for the iPhone, no mention on WiFi hotspot connection with Android).

The I’m Watch creators have announced that the support for developers will be released on June 30, allowing the capabilities of the I’m Color to be widely expanded. A few months after that, around the end of September, the collection of watches will be available in 7 different colors – white, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and black.

The price for one of these spy watches will be 249 euros (around $360 U.S. dollars), which is a bit of an investment, but it is a very cool and convenient gadget to have. If you feel luxurious though, there is also the I’m Jewel, which is available in 6 different colors – yellow gold, pink gold, white gold & diamonds, titanium, black gold, and special. Now these fancy boys start at a whooping 599 euros (about $860 U.S. dollars), and can go higher depending on the design. If you want the Rolex of the Android world, this may be the way to go.

Check out the different images below, and let us know what you think of these new watches. Do you think you will be getting one of these (They are available for pre-order here)? If so, which color do you prefer?

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Source: I'm Watch

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