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Lookout brings update with “Safe Browsing” for premium users

Lookout is probably the first app we download when purchasing a new device. Especially since one of the main concerns with Android devices is security. These powerful smartphones hold information that can ruin your life if it falls into the wrong hands. Not to mention your performance and battery life can be affected if the hackers get their vicious malware into your device. Lookout has definitely earned its name and kept us well-protected from these dangers, but today they’ve taken it a step further. Lookout has just introduced “Safe Browsing,” which protects you from visiting malicious websites in your browser.

Safe Browsing works pretty much the same way Lookout does when scanning your applications. It simply sits in the background, hanging out until you install an app. After installing an app, Lookout scans it to make sure you’re still safe and sound. Likewise, Lookout will now wait for your attempt to visit a website and quickly scan it before allowing access. If the website has malicious content (and/or phishing), Lookout will notify you of the risks and will let you to back out or continue at your own risk.

It’s simple, right? Maybe not so much from the non-consumer side, because this feature is only available for premium users. If you’d like to get the advantages Lookout’s Premium services offer, it’ll cost you $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. This includes Safe Browsing, as well as all the known Premium features like the Privacy Advisor, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe, backing up photos and call logs and the ability to restore your backed-up data to a new device.

On a side note, Lookout also announced their new partnership with Sprint. Lookout is now available for download from the Sprint Zone and the Sprint section in the Android market, making it easily and quickly accessible. If you’re not on Sprint, you just have to sacrifice those extra seconds to search for the Lookout app on the Android market.


Our friends at Android Central have put together a video that demonstrates how Safe Browsing works, and they even have a code that gives you a $5 discount on the 1-year Premium subscription. You can find it at their site. This code is only available for the next 7 days, so use it now while you can!

Via: Android Central

Source: Lookout

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