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HTC Evo3D launches June 24th at Radioshack

The folks over at Phandroid have gotten a hand on a Radioshack circular (check it out in the gallery below) announcing the release date of HTC’s flagship Evo3D on Sprint. Those of you wishing and hoping for an early June release will be slightly disappointed, as you won’t be able to get your hands on the Evo3D until June 24th.

Sprint has not yet announced the availability of the Evo3D from their stores. It’s possible they’ll release it a day or two earlier, but for now we’ll assume the 24th is the final date.

Though not necessarily the best of news, June 24th will be here before you know it, and 3 weeks is just a short time to wait for this awesome device.

Who’s going to be waiting in line on the 24th when these beast hits stores? Or are you holding out for the Photon 4G or Galaxy S2? Sound off in the comments below.


Via: Phandroid

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