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Meet Android 3.2; Honeycomb’s last iteration coming this summer with 7-inch screen, Qualcomm’s chip support

If you thought Google would make us wait ’til Christmas for a new version of Android, I’m here to tell you how wrong you were. Meet Android 3.2, the last version of Honeycomb you’ll ever see (according to This Is My Next).

Much to our surprise, we saw Huawei announce the first Android 3.2 device earlier today. The tablet has a couple more firsts onboard. The company’s MediaPad will be the first Honeycomb tablet to launch with a 7-inch screen and a Qualcomm chip. This is all thanks to Android 3.2′s support for both these specifications. Until now, only NVIDIA’s Tegra and 10.1-inch screens had been suported. If you HTC Flyer owners jumped out of your seat and cheered, you’re not alone. Hopefully, this update means HTC will now be able to bring Android 3.2 to the Android 2.3-powered tablet.

Supposedly, Android 3.2 will be the last version of Honeycomb before Ice Cream Sandwich arrives later this year. At that time, all Android platforms will be updated, bringing them under a single umbrella. Aside from adding support for many more tablets, the guys from Building 44 also managed to cram a bunch of other stuff into Android 3.2. Including bug fixes, improved hardware acceleration and updated versions of Movie Studio, Movies, Music and widgets. Not too shabby, considering Android 3.1 came out little more than a month ago.

According to TIMN, Motorola Xoom users can expect Android 3.2 to hit their devices in the coming weeks. Future Android 3.2 devices will launch in the month of August. We should start seeing the first Ice Cream Sandwich tablets start to pop up soon after, unless Google hits any blocked roads and has to delay the release of ICS until 2012. Let’s pray to the tech gods that won’t be the case. Keep an eye out for an official Android 3.2 announcement out of Mountain View over the next few days or weeks.

Via: This Is My Next

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