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Motorola Droid Bionic vs. Samsung Galaxy S II; which one will most people buy?

There’s a bunch of high-end Android phones coming right around the corner. The Samsung Galaxy S II, Verizon’s Droid Bionic and Sprint’s EVO 3D (now available at your local Sprint store). With so many options, it can be hard to know which phone is right one for you. If only you could ask 14,000 people which phone they think is best, maybe you’d be able to make a more informed decision.

Well, that’s exactly what the people at Mashwork did. The company collected 14,838 opinions about the Droid Bionic and Galaxy S II via several social networks like Twitter and Facebook from April 1st to June 21st. They then sifted through all that data and calculated which phone people were most likely to buy between these two. The results are not surprising.

A whopping 68% of prospective buyers said they were interested in buying the Galaxy S II. Just 32% said they were considering the Droid Bionic. More specifically, 39% of people said they were going to buy the Galaxy S II, with 29% saying that they were only interested in it. On the other hand, 19% said they were definitely going to buy the Droid Bionic, and 13% said that they were considering it.

The bad news doesn’t stop there for the Droid Bionic. According to Mashwork, interest in the Galaxy S II has been growing for the past two months while interest in the Droid Bionic has decreased.

This is certainly not very good news for Motorola, who hasn’t been able to really win our hearts and minds since the original Droid. But never mind what people on Twitter are saying. We want to know which phone would YOU buy. Let us know in the comments.


Via: BGR

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