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Oracle wants to murder Android, spit on its grave

Evil patent troll Oracle has come out from under the bridge once again to do what it does best: sue other companies. A new filing in the Oracle vs. Android lawsuit indicates the company wants more money in damages than all the profit Google has earned from the OS since it was released. Let me repeat that:  greedy Oracle wants all the money Google has made from Android… and then some.

According to the filing, Oracle is not only looking for a licensing deal, but also wants all the ad revenue Google gets from search on Android phones. Wow. But that’s not all. Oracle is also “seeking a judgment of willful infringement,” meaning the judge could triple the fine for past infringement. In the filing, Oracle notes that Microsoft already paid Sun $900 million in a lawsuit similar to this one.

It goes without saying that Google really needs to win this lawsuit. If it doesn’t, the future of Android could very well be in jeopardy. To be able to pay Oracle the amount of money the company is asking for, Google would have to start charging OEMs for Android. One of the advantages Android has over other platforms is that it’s free. But with companies like Oracle and Microsoft wanting a piece of Android’s success, that $0 price tag could soon come to an end.

You can read the whole filing below, if you’re into that kind of thing. You can also go here to get a very thorough breakdown. Once you’ve done so, come back here and and let us know what you think about the whole situation. Usually I ask you guys to keep it civil. This time, you have permission to go to town on Oracle. I don’t think the company can hate us any more than it already does.

Public Version of Google Filing Re. Oracle Damages

Via: BusinessInsider

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