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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon Game Pack with more than 100 Android games

Not to be outdone by NVIDIA and Tegra Zone, this morning Qualcomm introduced its own video game showcase product, called Snapdragon Game Pack. As we’ve seen recently, Qualcomm is going on the offensive against competitors, and the release of Snapdragon Game Pack is just an extension of that. The company really wants you to know that Snapdragon-powered devices are still best in class when it comes to performance.

The goal of Snapdragon Game Pack is to highlight those Android games that have been optimized to run on the Snapdragon platform. Initially, the service will launch with more than 100 games from video game studios like Babaroga, Booyah, Com2us USA, Digital Chocolate, Eyelead Software, Glu, Guild Software, NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Gameloft, Natural Motion, Polarbit, Southend Interactive and Tripwire Interactive.

Qualcomm will provide game developers with a set of tools that will allow them to get the most out of a Snapdragon chip. One of those tools is Qualcomm’s Adreno Profiler, which lets developers fine-tune the 3D performance of their Android games on the Snapdragon platform.

Although details are bit scarce at the moment, it’s likely that Snapdragon Game Pack will consist of an Android app for phones and tablets. We don’t know yet if you’ll be able to download Snapdragon Game Pack from the Market, but Qualcomm hinted at the possibility of having the app pre-loaded on some Android devices.

As companies like Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Texas Instruments, Marvell, and even Intel continue to fight for mobile chip supremacy, you can expect these kind of strategies to continue. Who knows? Maybe in the future phones will have stickers that say “Snapdragon Inside”, and we’ll even have Qualcomm and NVIDIA fanboys. Oh, the joy!

Source: PR Newswire

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