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Sprint wants to kill bloatware forever, and we love them for it

In a world where most carriers are trying to figure out how to cram more useless apps into your phone instead of focusing on improving their networks, one carrier stands out from the crowd. Sprint is, once again, doing exactly what their customers ask for.

The “Now Network” said yesterday that HTC EVO 3D users will be able to uninstall bloatware from their phones without any rooting required. Although every Android user should have been able to do this since the T-Mobile G1, we thank Sprint for taking initiative and letting people uninstall apps from their own phone. If only every other carrier followed in Sprint’s steps, the Android world would be a much happier place.

If you’re wondering whether Sprint will do this for all future Android devices or not, I’m happy to tell you that is exactly what they plan to do. According to MobileBurn, Sprint wants to “continue the practice in the future.” You had us at “continue,” Sprint.

In case you haven’t been keeping count, this isn’t Sprint’s first customer-friendly action. In fact, the carrier has been on a very pro-Android (and pro-Google) roll lately, starting with the level of integration the carrier offers with Google Voice. And followed by the fact that Sprint worked closely with Google on the release of Google Wallet. But most importantly, Sprint is the only carrier left that offers a truly unlimited data plan. Every other major U.S. carrier now has (or is about to have) some sort of tiered plan.

This might not be a big deal right now, as 2 GB  (what most carriers offer) is more than enough data for most people. But as more and more data-consuming apps like Netflix and Hulu start popping up in the Market, that 2 GB cap could soon limit our ability to use our phones to their full potential. Every time you launch a video-streaming app, you’ll be making sure you’re on WiFi for fear of going over over the data limit. If you’re not on WiFi, you won’t launch the app at all. Just like that, wireless carriers and their tiered data plans now dictate how we can use our phones.

But guess who won’t have to count megabytes or worry about going over the data limit. Sprint customers. For that and for trying to kill bloatware, we applaud you, Sprint.

Via: AndroidCentral

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