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Test images leaked: Motorola Atrix 4G getting Android 2.3.4?

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Recent rumors about a leaked Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update are giving a great deal of hope to Motorola Atrix users. In fact, Atrix users aren’t the only ones celebrating this update, but the Android community as a whole. This update seems to allow you to unlock the bootloader the same way that you would with a Nexus S (“Fastboot OEM Unlock” command).[1]

Motorola unlocking the bootloader is great news, but it seems like the fun might not end there. We’ve just received a few exclusive images in the Android and Me inbox, and it seems the Atrix will be getting the latest Gingerbread version–Android 2.3.4.


As you can see, the “About Phone” does state the device has Android 2.3.4. There’s also an image that shows Google Talk’s video chat availability. But what ticked us off was the color of the status bar; it looks like it has a blue hue.

While it’s weird this phone has a blue status bar, we thought that it may very well be Motorola pulling their “amazing” stunts with the UI modifications. As always, we’ll take this leak with a grain of salt. The tipster does state this is an official Android test version straight from ATT/Motorola, so we’ll see what happens when/if this update comes.

  • Battery life is substantially improved; with GMail and Exchange syncing, battery easily lasts over a day
  • GPS locks very quickly
  • No more random reboots
  • Overall far smoother experience

Secret TesterRunning in the wild

For now, we’ll be patient and see if these leaks prove to be legit. We’d also like your feedback on this. What do you think of these images? Real or fake? Unlocked bootloaders and Android 2.3.4 sure sounds a bit too nice to be true, but hope never dies!

Special thanks to Ninja!


  1. Via RootzWiki