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Verizon dubbed fastest mobile network in America by PCMag

PCMag came out with their second annual internet connection speed test yesterday. This year, the folks at PCMag set their sights on mobile networks, setting out on a 21-city cross-country road trip in hopes of crowning a mobile internet speed champion.

As expected, Verizon’s implementation of a nationwide LTE network in late 2010/early 2011 propelled them to the top. It’s actually almost sad to look at the results; Verizon trounced the competition in nearly every category, often with download and upload speeds that were 2-4 times faster than the closest competitor.

The only place Verizon didn’t come out on top? Rural America. Because Verizon’s LTE network is predominantly found in larger cities, the winner of the Rural America category would have to win on the strength of it’s 3g network alone. Rural America was the only category not won by Verizon in a landslide. Instead, AT&T took the crown for non-city-dwellers.

Sprint and T-Mobile have been lauded as the two most aggressive carriers when it comes to Android. How did the networks for the #3 and #4 stack up against each other? T-Mobile comes away with bragging rights in this contest, as their HSPA+ network bested Sprint’s WiMax network in nearly every region.

It comes as no surprise that, due to their early adoption of LTE, Verizon Wireless has the fastest network in America in 2011 by far. This may change over the next few years as the other carriers build out their HSPA+/LTE/WiMax networks. But we can be sure that, for 2011 at least, Verizon is the premier network in America when it comes to mobile.

You can check out the full results in PCMag’s article. Otherwise, boast (or complain) about your network’s performance in the comments below.

Source: PCMag

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