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What are the top 25 Android phones and mobile devices to visit this site?

What are the top 25 Android phones and mobile devices to visit this site? Google Analytics recently made some improvements in mobile reporting, so we thought it would be fun to dig through our numbers and see what were the most popular devices accessing this site. 

Most months this site averages over 300k unique visits from mobile devices, but the following data is only from the last two weeks.

Some quick conclusions:

  • It should surprise few that the top device is the HTC EVO 4G, but it’s interesting to see how many Apple fans we have with the iPad ranking #2 and the iPhone at #3.
  • We cater to the hardcore geeks, so that’s why you see the Nexus One at #4 and Nexus S at #8 even though neither phone sold that well.
  • Most popular retail devices by carrier: T-Mobile is the Vibrant, Verizon phone is the Droid X, AT&T is the Atrix 4G, and Sprint is the EVO 4G
  • All 2,638 people who purchased the Motorola Xoom visit this site.
  • Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab came in at a respectable #20.
  • Top device from Sony Ericsson is the new Xperia Arc, which has yet to launch in the US.
  • Not pictured above, but the T-Mobile G1 was ranked #39.
  • Also not pictured, but the highest ranking LG phone was the Virgin Mobile Optimus V at #30.

Which device in the top 25 is the most surprising to you?

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