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More release date roulette for the Motorola Droid Bionic

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Just one day after posting our complete recap of the Droid Bionic story so far, more internal documents have made their way online that add to the release date madness. This time, DroidLife has their hands on some sort of fishy document that says indirect retailers will be receiving Bionic handsets on or around the 29th of this month, to be sold on August 4th.

The dates certainly make sense, but the errors in the document do not. For one, there’s an obvious spelling error in the first section of the document. Instead of saying “It’s coming in August,” it says “Its coming in August.” That could have just been an easy mistake, but add the oddly placed registered trademark symbol and the fact that documents like this are rather uncommon (to “indirect” dealers”)… well, things don’t look too bright.

But wait, there’s more! Another document was sent in along with the release date paper that says pre-orders start on July 31st. Receiving a handset on the 29th, starting pre-orders on the 31st, and releasing it on the 4th certainly is fast, but that’s not what stinks about this document. Not only will you find two spelling errors in this one, but the registered trademark symbol is back, along with a missing number in one of the dates. Seems more and more like these are fakes right? Well it’s not over yet.

One more leaked document was sent in tonight, only this time from Best Buy. According to this document, Best Buy will be receiving cases for the Droid Bionic on August 20th. Generally, cases come to somewhere like Best Buy a week or two before a device is released, so this could lend some credibility to a rumor that the Bionic will release September 1st.

Feeling confused? Let down? Just want this to be over? Soon enough, it will be. Until then, it looks like a real release date is really anyone’s guess.

Source: DroidLife

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