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[GIVEAWAY] Win a key to the Star Legends private Beta: Part 2

Update: All keys have been distributed. Thanks for entering, everyone!

Nearly 200 of you responded when we gave away 50 beta keys to Star Legends, the sci-fi MMORPG from Spacetime Studios, makers of Pocket Legends. Star Legends is currently in a limited Beta for Verizon customers, but non-Verizon customers can get in on the action using keys that Spacetime Studios has been sending to blogs for giveaways/game promotion.

A nice little surprise  from the Spacetime Studios folks hit our inbox yesterday, and we now have a whopping 65 more keys to give away to our readers.  The same rules hold as last time; all you have to do is leave a comment below to be eligible to win one of the codes. You must leave your email address in the email field to be eligible to win.

The official deadline to enter is 9pm central time tonight, and winners will be notified by the end of the day on Friday.

And in case you missed it last time, check out the following video to get a sense of Star Legends.

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  1. TyvandGuest 4 years ago

    all ways up for giveaways.

  2. Aconner22Guest 4 years ago

    I’m in! Can’t wait to give this a whirl.

  3. ShaneGuest 4 years ago

    Love a good giveaway!

  4. maxGuest 4 years ago

    This game looks cool I want to win the beta

  5. coggy9Guest 4 years ago

    I’d like a code.

  6. dudeGuest 4 years ago

    A good giveaway is always a nice thing

  7. Mark RGuest 4 years ago

    Always up a bit of beta testing, seeing as im now getting into app dev

  8. maximosisGuest 4 years ago

    I’d love a stars code for @maximosis a androidandme fan since day one

  9. Mitch SamuelsGuest 4 years ago
  10. UnkGuest 4 years ago

    Whoop whoop!

  11. arteseaGuest 4 years ago


  12. savGuest 4 years ago

    Would love a key

  13. StevenGuest 4 years ago

    Key me please!

  14. Moriaty32Guest 4 years ago

    Sure, why not?

  15. LeeGuest 4 years ago

    I haven’t played many games like this so getting to play this out the gate would be nice.

  16. krisGuest 4 years ago

    I can haz beta?

  17. jamesGuest 4 years ago

    Having trouble logging on with my account on me mobile. But here is my 2nd try for a beta.

  18. Lowell hGuest 4 years ago

    I would like one please and thank you

  19. MattGuest 4 years ago


  20. Brad WestbrookGuest 4 years ago

    I will give a shout out to you on our show if you would be kind enough to share one of those invites with me, please.

  21. IsaacGuest 4 years ago

    I would like an invite to the beta please :)

  22. johnGuest 4 years ago

    I’m always up for something new

  23. dexiconGuest 4 years ago

    SGS4G needs this key!!!!

  24. Nick FowlerGuest 4 years ago

    I’d love one!

  25. android_michaelGuest 4 years ago

    Id love to give this a shot, pocket legends was a great game!

  26. ZymGuest 4 years ago


  27. VishalGuest 4 years ago

    I would love one

  28. BigGGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to beta for Star Legends!

  29. tkminterGuest 4 years ago

    Yes, please.

  30. xmrsilentxGuest 4 years ago

    Giveaways rock… hope I win..

  31. IssuiGuest 4 years ago

    Oooo! I want! I want! Love you guys!

  32. YannickGuest 4 years ago

    Hello !

    I’d like a key to this game.

    Thank you so much !

  33. ChaosKillerGuest 4 years ago

    I love a good giveaway :D

  34. KrezGuest 4 years ago

    Well, hello there!

  35. Commander NeroGuest 4 years ago
  36. AlexGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me!

  37. AnweirGuest 4 years ago

    Looks like fun. I’d love to give it a try.

  38. TonyO1015Guest 4 years ago

    Might just make me a gamer….

  39. Mista2xGuest 4 years ago

    Count me in!

  40. jrbourqueGuest 4 years ago

    Code para mi, por favor

  41. steve19137Guest 4 years ago
  42. goyuixGuest 4 years ago

    Love me some Android!

  43. franckGuest 4 years ago


  44. rickGuest 4 years ago

    In the spirit of giveaways I brought my hat

  45. BattlekryGuest 4 years ago

    I am down!!

  46. chrisGuest 4 years ago

    whoo hoo, free stuff.

  47. RickGuest 4 years ago

    Would love an invite!

  48. Luis DiazGuest 4 years ago

    I’m game. I never win anything though. And I mean never. Help a brother out.

  49. BrentGuest 4 years ago

    Would like an invite.

  50. nickGuest 4 years ago

    i’ll take one!

  51. second time is a charm?

  52. AbsolutInsanityGuest 4 years ago

    I’d like to try this out, thanks A&M!

  53. Kermit WoodallGuest 4 years ago

    I would love a code. Thank you!

    Kermit Woodall

  54. Jigsaw hcGuest 4 years ago

    Sweet! Missed the first round.

  55. DrewGuest 4 years ago

    I am so stoked about this game! I need some RPG goodness on my EVO 3D. I’ll take a beta key if you don’t mind.

  56. MichaelGuest 4 years ago

    i would like one

  57. Alex MedinaGuest 4 years ago

    Hola really do hope I win a key!

  58. Corey BeanGuest 4 years ago

    Yay giveaways!

  59. JebGuest 4 years ago

    Awesome, this game looks really good!

  60. Mauro dCGuest 4 years ago

    Oooh, hope I get one!

  61. alexGuest 4 years ago

    this is a comment – send me the code ( that’s TWO comments )..wait, does that make 3…now 4…5…and done…….6

  62. Andrew MGuest 4 years ago

    I want!

  63. Mikey C.Guest 4 years ago

    Im commenting on my comment. I hope this comment goes quiet well. If not then I guess… fortune be told… its probably not the best comment.

  64. Kirsty LawerGuest 4 years ago

    Woooooo!! ^_^ I happened to miss out on all the other giveaways for a key, I do hope I win one here!

  65. TonyGuest 4 years ago

    In for one!

  66. KyleGuest 4 years ago

    I want one :)

  67. Seth BrowerGuest 4 years ago

    would love to try it out in my new tablet.

  68. AgntgreyGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to get in on the ground floor of this beta!

  69. EthanGuest 4 years ago

    This would be an excellent way to pass the time at work!

  70. SteveGuest 4 years ago

    Try number two.

  71. CrAsHeRiTGuest 4 years ago

    Hope to win :)

  72. VinterGuest 4 years ago

    sign me up!

  73. fatspiritGuest 4 years ago

    Jumping in!

  74. jasonGuest 4 years ago

    I would like a code please.

  75. manacapGuest 4 years ago

    I would like the code please.

  76. MillsGuest 4 years ago

    I’ll give it a go

  77. Vyle8Guest 4 years ago

    Looks interesting. Pocket Legends was fun.

  78. Allan BeaudryGuest 4 years ago

    Looks interesting…

  79. Robert KarnsGuest 4 years ago

    Pocket Legends is amazing, would love to check out their new game.

  80. Pick me! pick me :D

  81. BaryGuest 4 years ago

    Yes Please!

  82. JonXPGuest 4 years ago

    I’m a sucker for stuff like this.

  83. PhilGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s hoping. Betas are always a good bit of fun. Let’s see how this plays on my EVO 3D!

  84. bedwaGuest 4 years ago

    Please and thank you!

  85. RolandoGuest 4 years ago

    Looks pretty interesting…

  86. Daniel DouvrisGuest 4 years ago

    Really hope that I get one. The game looks awesome!

    Thanks for this give away

  87. andrew beardGuest 4 years ago

    Yes, please!

  88. AlexGuest 4 years ago

    Sounds sweet!!

  89. MMOLoverGuest 4 years ago

    Me please =)

  90. MarcusGuest 4 years ago

    I would love a beta key please.

  91. RobertGuest 4 years ago

    Think I may be too late but I’ll try anyway – comment!

  92. JoshGuest 4 years ago

    Entered last time, but missed out on the win, giving it a second shot!

  93. bishamonGuest 4 years ago

    Please please please please please ?
    Pretty please? -big teary puss eyes-

  94. kyleGuest 4 years ago

    Sweet! Let’s get a game code today! Let’s play!

  95. gebsGuest 4 years ago

    Key please? :)

  96. Josh BucknerGuest 4 years ago

    Hook me up with one of those 65 keys plz!!!!!!

  97. Amy ShellGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to be playing this thing tonight!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

  98. JoshGuest 4 years ago

    I wish i may i wish i might have me a Star Legends Key tonight!!!!!

  99. davidGuest 4 years ago

    Wow nice i want to try it i hope i am not too late for it. Thanks guys!

  100. RickGuest 4 years ago

    I could really use one of these! Hit a brother up!!!!!

  101. MioGuest 4 years ago

    Give me tight love with a mail!

  102. William McBryarGuest 4 years ago

    Would love to play this i hope i get a code!!!!

  103. anthonyGuest 4 years ago

    Woooohooo I want a code dammit!! :)

  104. Justin BGuest 4 years ago

    I can haz beta key?

  105. Brad BGuest 4 years ago
  106. AustinGuest 4 years ago

    Oh sweet! Please? hehe.

  107. psilomanicGuest 4 years ago

    code please!

  108. DanGuest 4 years ago

    I hope I get one! :)

  109. michaelGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to test the game out for bugs

  110. Jay boogieGuest 4 years ago

    Second times a charm, my magic 8 ball says it could be in my future, word to big bird

  111. DJGuest 4 years ago

    if at first you don’t succeed….. ill try again, again, again, again and again….. i think you get the point….. (second attempt)… i need something to do when my girl tries to make me watch reality TV.

  112. SterlingGuest 4 years ago

    I’m a sci fi junkie! I hope this will work on my og droid!

  113. asahiGuest 4 years ago

    It is not a Star Trek but I would like to play it :)

  114. TbirdGuest 4 years ago

    I would love one please! Yay for AndroidAndMe!

  115. JulsAngelGuest 4 years ago

    Hi, big fan of PL! Looking forward to play Star Legends…. Thx guys

  116. DeRocKGuest 4 years ago

    Please me \o/ Oh please let it be me \o/

  117. codespliceGuest 4 years ago

    Gimme gimme gimme gimme!

  118. Joseph WalklateGuest 4 years ago

    Would be brilliant to grab a key, looks a really promising game :)

  119. BrianGuest 4 years ago

    Hopefully I’ll be playing this soon!

  120. anthony berrioGuest 4 years ago

    hope i get a key!!!

  121. YuweiGuest 4 years ago

    Can I have one too?

  122. abmGuest 4 years ago

    Gimme the yo!

  123. mrspandaGuest 4 years ago

    I Love pocket legends!!!

  124. FranzGuest 4 years ago

    I wanna try one!

  125. Hector ManzanarezGuest 4 years ago


  126. Hector ManzanarezGuest 4 years ago

    I want to win

  127. Stephen BrownGuest 4 years ago

    50/50 chance of a win at the moment, sounds like good odds to me.

  128. brianGuest 4 years ago

    winning one would be cool

  129. Daniel Goins JrGuest 4 years ago

    No one reads these… Wish i could win a code though to play spacetime studios new project. After all i havr wasted countless hours on PL and dropped tens of dollars on the in game market… Lol figure i might as well blather on about it in hopes of getting a code.

  130. ManBearZombieGuest 4 years ago

    You guys are awesome.

  131. JonathonGuest 4 years ago

    I can’t get enough of Pocket Legends, would be amazing if I could try out Star Legends as well :)

  132. AndrewGuest 4 years ago

    I want a key plz. Star Legends should be just as good if not better as Pocket Legends. Cant wait to play

  133. EricGuest 4 years ago

    Hope I win one! Thanks A&M

  134. jeiwonGuest 4 years ago

    I’d love to start playing star legends. Sign me up =]

  135. Jeremy MuellerGuest 4 years ago

    I so want this. Everyone needs more MMOs on their phone!

  136. Matt HarbesonGuest 4 years ago

    You know you want to give me one! :D

  137. AndyGuest 4 years ago

    Thanks for letting us have an early chance at getting to play… hope I win a spot ;D!

  138. FirenGuest 4 years ago

    I love pocket legend, can’t wait for this.. :)

  139. Anthony PeacockGuest 4 years ago

    Here is hoping I win.

  140. HGuest 4 years ago

    Cant wait for star legends!!!!!!!

  141. ChonchiGuest 4 years ago

    Pick me :)!

  142. AnthonyGuest 4 years ago

    ME ME ME!!! :)

  143. Roman Q.Guest 4 years ago

    I would like a key please

  144. gearshivGuest 4 years ago

    Wow very cool sign me up and nice site btw

  145. wrebGuest 4 years ago

    gimme :D

  146. SecksGuest 4 years ago

    I would love to give it a shot!

  147. ChrisGuest 4 years ago

    Key for me please!

  148. KristieGuest 4 years ago

    I look forward to playing this game. Looks fun!

  149. JC FuentesGuest 4 years ago

    Can I get a key pleaseeee…..

  150. EddieGuest 4 years ago

    never hurts to try i guess…

  151. KillaIngsGuest 4 years ago

    I must be reunited with my best friend SssoulSsshine he has left me for Star Legends :( please help me…..lol but if i dont win i think i will live….but you never know

  152. Calvin warnerGuest 4 years ago

    I need to get in that beta. I need something else to waste hours at work. Come on…keys. make it rain…… Keys…

  153. alex sGuest 4 years ago

    Pocket legends is awesome! I can’t wait to play this!

  154. simonGuest 4 years ago

    I like detecting bugs and report to make all happy

  155. mjGuest 4 years ago


  156. mjGuest 4 years ago

    Please I would do you! Im not gay btw

  157. EdwardGuest 4 years ago

    I would love a key code for the beta

  158. DeLiseGuest 4 years ago

    Count me in!

  159. Ian LimGuest 4 years ago

    Can’t wait!

  160. CharlieGuest 4 years ago

    Me me me

  161. ZachGuest 4 years ago

    I would like a beta key.

  162. RajeshGuest 4 years ago

    I am in. Now where’s my key? :)

  163. docGuest 4 years ago

    I want a key please

  164. xavier7Guest 4 years ago

    awesome stuff to try on my new and shiny SGS2 :D

  165. Fredrik AnderssonGuest 4 years ago

    I’m pretty late, aren’t I :).

  166. JohnGuest 4 years ago

    A bit late too I think..

  167. DroidyGuest 4 years ago

    I want one :D

  168. TechnoBrothaGuest 4 years ago

    Did someone say, “giveaway?”

  169. ClarenceGuest 3 years ago

    Sounds cool. I want one