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34% of iPhone users think they have a 4G phone

There’s a common stereotype that iPhone users tend to be less educated about the technical specs of their phones. I’m not one to make fun of anyone, and that truly isn’t what I’m trying to do, but these statistics definitely deserve a bit of my time. It seems more than a third of iPhone users are under the impression that they own a 4G device.

It isn’t right to pigeon-hole people, but it does seem iPhone users tend not to know much about the device. We often hear people say, “The iPhone is the best phone!” And don’t you hate it when you’re trying to explain what Android is to someone and they say, “Oh, like the iPhone?” Some people do provide a good argument as to why they think the iPhone is a better option than an Android device. Sadly, though, it seems the common consumer falls prey to the “common knowledge” that the iPhone is superior.

It seems the common consumer (non-techies) will often purchase an iPhone when looking for a high-end smartphone, especially new smartphone users. This is partly due to the fame Apple has built for itself and its user-friendly atmosphere. iPhone users blindly love their device so much, 40% of iPhone owners claimed they would buy the next iPhone even if the device does not have 4G connectivity. We know you love your devices, and the iPhone is definitely a good option for many, but it really doesn’t hurt to learn at least a little bit about your phone.

According to Retrevo’s survey, 34% of iPhone users who answered this questionnaire claim to have a 4G device. This may be due to the fact that the latest device is called “iPhone 4,” where the number represents the generation of the device. Some people might be under the misconception that the number 4 represents “4G,” but it seems outrageous to think over a third of iPhone users fall under this category!

Just to make it clear, Apple currently does not offer any 4G devices. Come on, Apple fans. Learn a bit more about your phone before you make the jump. We understand processors, RAM and other specs can be confusing, but you should definitely know if your device runs on 3G or 4G data speeds. It seems the situation is critical, so go spread the knowledge, guys! Let your iPhone-using friends know they do not have a 4G device!

Via: MacRumors

Source: Retrevo

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