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Amazon Cloud Player offering unlimited music storage for paid Cloud Drive customers

In an attempt to differentiate itself from the plethora of cloud-based music services hitting the net lately, Amazon is now offering unlimited storage space for MP3 and AAC music files for all persons who purchase a paid Cloud Drive account. Cloud Drive is a cloud storage system that allows you to upload many types of files to be stored on Amazon’s servers rather than your personal hard drive.

Amazon currently offers a free, 5GB storage option for Cloud Drive, with premium plans starting at $20 per year for 20GB of cloud storage. If you have a music collection that won’t fit into a measly 5GBs, Amazon offers the following pricing plans:

  • 20GB – $20/year
  • 50GB – $50/year
  • 100GB – $100/year
  • 200GB – $200/year
  • 500GB – $500/yaer
  • 1,000GB – $1,000/year

If you’ve already purchased any of these premium options, you’ll be grandfathered into the unlimited music storage the next time you launch Amazon’s Cloud Player.

Personally, being an Amazon Prime member coupled with some of the issues that have plagued Google’s Music Beta, I’ve already made the plunge and purchased the 20GB plan to house my 12+GB music library.

But that’s just my choice. We want to hear from you. Which cloud-based music service do you prefer?  Is the offer of unlimited music storage enough to drive you into Amazon’s customer base? Sound off in the comments.

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