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Droid Bionic caught on camera, swears it’s arriving early September

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Oh, Droid Bionic, when will you ever make up your mind? First we thought you were arriving on August 4th. Then we were positive August 4th would be the date. But yesterday we heard a rumor, implying September was more likely. And now you’re telling us early September is definitely it, but this time you pinky promise. Well, which is it? You’d better stop playing with our feelings, or we’ll just go ahead and move in with Galaxy S II.

According to the guys at DroidLife, early September now seems like a more plausible release date for the Droid Bionic. So if you were planning to go down to your local Verizon store next week and get one, you might have to postpone for a few more weeks.

DroidLife also managed to get their hands on a photo of the Droid Bionic. The person who leaked this photo claims the Bionic’s screen is the same one found on the Droid X2 and Droid 3, but with “far less ghosting.” The Bionic also seems to be “way lighter and more responsive than expected.” Whether that means the Bionic is a speed demon or this person had very low expectations for the device is unclear.

If all this back and forth is somehow Verizon’s strategy to create buzz about the Droid Bionic, it has certainly worked. We’ve been talking non-stop about the darn thing for the last 48 hours. How about you stop torturing us and just announce this thing already, Verizon? M’kay?

Via: DroidLife

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