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Hardware modded Sensation is the bee’s knees

Software mods for Android phones have never been in short supply (in fact, they’re a way of life), but hardware mods are a little harder to come by. One of the greatest came from someone spraying a Nexus S battery cover in diplo to give it a rubbery grip. The G2 spring mod is still popular, giving G2s everywhere a snappier hinge. Evo battery door mods add some red flair to your device when stripped down. And possibly the craziest hardware mod out there? The ol’ adding a front-facing camera to your Samsung Vibrant trick. It now seems another device is about to join the elite ranks of hardware modification:  the HTC Sensation.

Paul White from Whitesites Blog took some sand paper and stripped down the metal frame on his HTC Sensation. Then, with some metal polish and a few paper towels, he shined it up. And it looks amazing. The process doesn't look too hard, and after you see the results it'll be hard to imagine this not becoming a trend among more hardcore users. Of course, this does all sorts of bad things to any warranty you may have. But if you're brave enough to attempt this mod, be sure to share the results in the comments below. While you're down there, let us know of any other hardware mods you can think of.

Source: Whitesites Blog

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