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HTC Sensation, ten other HTC phones get S-OFF thanks to Revolutionary


The development community surrounding the HTC Sensation, EVO 3D and many other HTC devices is about to explode.  The teams from unrevoked and AlphaRev have worked together to release Revolutionary.  While the new tool does not grant root access for the eleven HTC devices it currently supports, it will give S-OFF, allowing you to flash customs ROMs to your devices.

Revolutionary will give you S-OFF either by a patched HBOOT or setting the secureflag to off on the device itself. This behaviour will depending on your particular device. Optionally it will also replace the stock Android recovery with a custom one, which adds many features including “nandroid” backups, the ability to use custom ROMs, and a greater amount of flexibility and customization of your Android phone.Revolutionary

Once you have S-OFF and the custom recovery in place, all you need to do is flash a ZIP file from recovery. You should be all set.  Before you dash off and start downloading and installing things on your computer, I highly suggest you read all the documentation on the main Revolutionary page, as well as the support page on the unrevoked site.

Revolutionary supported Devices

  • HTC Desire (bravo) 0.93.0001
  • HTC Desire CDMA (bravoc) 1.06.0000
  • HTC Wildfire (buzz) 1.01.0001
  • HTC Aria (liberty) 1.02.0000
  • HTC Incredible S (vivo) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
  • HTC Droid Incredible 2 (vivow) 0.97.0000
  • HTC Desire S (saga) 0.98.0000 and 0.98.0002
  • HTC View (express) 1.09.0000 and 1.13.0000
  • HTC Flyer (flyer) 1.10.0000
  • HTC Sensation (pyramid) 1.17.0006, .0008, .0011 and .0012
    –permanently unlocks NAND write protection
  • HTC Evo 3D (shooter) 1.30.0000 and 1.40.0000
    –permanently unlocks NAND write protection

How many of you are willing to take matters into your own hands with Revolutionary? Is anyone going to hold out until HTC releases the official unlocked bootloaders for these devices?

Via: Android Central

Source: Revolutionary

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