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LG G2x users manually update to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

We’ve been complaining about it, we’ve been waiting for it, and it’s now here! G2x owners have been stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo since its release date last April. A pain, we know. But LG G2x owners can now manually update their devices to Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread via the LG Mobile Support Tool. (You will need a PC).

We last heard about this update in June, but the rumored dates came and went. This morning, we finally heard more news.

Sadly it’s not an OTA update, but the manual install is not as complicated as one may think. Two of our staff members (Angie and Justin) completed the process successfully and are now rocking some fresh Gingerbread on their G2x devices. Beware, root users, as it seems this update will get rid of root access. You may want to wait until developers take it apart and make a work-around for you.


If you’re still willing to manually update to Gingerbread, follow the instructions below.

1. Head over to LG’s Mobile Support site and download the drivers (if you haven’t yet).
2. Also, download the LG Mobile Support Tool (from the same site).
3. Run the LG Mobile Support Tool.
4. Connect your device to your PC.
5. Download the update (178 MB).
6. Follow instructions and let the tool do its magic!
7. That’s it! You now have Gingerbread.

lg-mobile-support-tool LG-app-analysis LG-app-download LG-app-update g2x-gingerbread-update-screen

As mentioned, two of our staff members have successfully done this without a single problem. You should be safe. Let us know how it works for you. Any issues? Are you liking the taste of Gingerbread?

The update software indicates that your user data will be wiped (not the data on the ‘external’ storage, but the data on the phone’s flash memory) but that wasn’t the case for me.Justin ShapcottAndroid and Me

Thanks for the tip, William!

Via: Phandroid

Source: XDA Developers

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