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Microsoft demands $15 per Android handset from Samsung

While the mighty Apple vs. Samsung war rages on, our loyal Android manufacturer is being attacked by yet another technology leader. Microsoft is demanding Samsung hand over a $15 fee per Android device. Microsoft owns an extensive range of patents being used by Google’s Android OS and request that they are credited (financially) for their ownership.

Samsung will probably have to give in to Microsoft’s request, as did HTC. The difference is that HTC is only paying $5 per Android smartphone, while Microsoft is asking Samsung for triple that amount. HTC and Microsoft have displayed a long partnership in the Windows Mobile platform. This may be what led Microsoft to request a smaller fee from HTC, and that is a privilege that Samsung is trying to attain.

Instead of trying to fight Microsoft (or just give up and pay the fees), Samsung is trying to barter with Big Brother Microsoft. In an effort to lower the $15-fee, Samsung is asking Microsoft to loosen its chains and allow them to pay a $10 fee per device instead. As an incentive, Samsung would commit to create a stronger alliance with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS.

For an Android enthusiast, it’s definitely painful to see some of the favorite manufacturers being legally attacked. Such is the case in today’s world, though. Companies (many of them with a bad case of over-entitlement) are suing each other for unreasonable matters. It sure must be tough for Samsung to go up against both Apple and Microsoft!

These companies can probably afford to hand over their cash here and there. But Microsoft trying to influence Samsung’s productions of Android devices over patent fees is simply unacceptable. If Samsung does commit to get more involved with the Windows Mobile platform, it would probably mean Android manufacturing will be affected. Unless Samsung decides to just release more handsets than they normally do.

Microsoft has recently made deals with Nokia in an attempt to raise Windows Mobile and make Microsoft’s Mobile OS a stronger competitor against Apple and Google. Given that Microsoft has plans to work closely with its new best friend and charge other manufacturers to use its OS, it does not seem likely Microsoft will easily agree to Samsung’s offer. Time will tell what is in store for Samsung’s deals with Microsoft, but things sure don’t look promising. What do you guys see Microsoft doing in the near future? Do you think Samsung will get away with the $10-fee? Do you think Samsung’s Android handset production will be affected by this?

Via: Android Central

Source: Reuters

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