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Nope, this isn’t the Nexus 3 either: Part Deux

We’re still months away from the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Nexus 3, but rumors and leaks about both are already coming at light speed. As you might know, we categorize leaks and rumors as “Genuine,” “Corporate” and “Fakies”. Well, I’m sad to say we have yet another case of the “Fakies” today.

Earlier we came across the news that Samsung’s Romanian Twitter account confirmed the company as the manufacturer of the Nexus 3. After a bit of back and forth among the Android and Me team, we decided to let this one go. There was just something off about Samsung confirming itself as the OEM for the Nexus 3 via a Romanian Twitter account. It also didn’t help that somebody deleted the tweet before we got to use our trusty Print Screen button on it.

Right when we thought this Fakie was ready to die, a few other Android blogs picked it up. Our friends over at Phandroid reported on it a few minutes ago, and they did manage to grab a few screenshots of the tweets. Interestingly, they only make this leak all the more fake. Embedded below is one of those tweets. As you can see, the tweet cites this article as the source of the information.

However, the article is just a repost of BGR’s “exclusive” that popped up a few days ago. In other words, somebody at Samsung used BGR’s article as the source for this information. That’s mind-blowing. No wonder some people thought this news somehow confirmed BGR’s report. So, either BGR is now Samsung’s official blog, or the person behind the Samsung Romania Twitter account has no idea what he/she is doing.

As you guys know, we’re completely obsessed with the Nexus 3 and Ice Cream Sandwich here at Android and Me. We talk about it practically every week. But that doesn’t mean that we can jump on every Nexus 3 rumor that comes our way, even if some of them sound as awesome as a Nexus 3 with a Super AMOLED HD display. Sometimes we have to fight that “ZOMG HD screen” feeling and take a second look before reporting on something that has more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese.

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