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[RUMOR] Netflix makes its way to Honeycomb via Lenovo’s IdeaPad K1

One of the biggest gripes I’ve had with the Android tablet market thus far has been the dearth of applications for Honeycomb, Google’s Android tablet operating system. The biggest omission to date has arguably been Netflix, which seemed as though it would be a shoe-in for tablets since these devices are often purchased for their multimedia capabilities.

The main reason we have yet to see Netflix on any Honeycomb tablets has been the fact that these tablets are sporting NVIDIA‘s Tegra 2 processor. Though NVIDIA announced back at CES that they were working closely with Netflix to bring the popular streaming movie service to Tegra-toting tablets and smartphones, it’s now six months later with a total of zero Tegra devices supporting Netflix.

It seems this will change next week when Lenovo officially launches their IdeaPad K1. According to one of our tipsters who has managed to get their hands on the K1 from Office Depot, Netflix is not only fully supported on the K1, it actually comes preloaded on the device. Since we don’t have any visual proof of this rumor, we have a few reservations. But it comes from a credible enough source that we deemed the rumor post-worthy.

Whether or not this signifies the release of Netflix on the likes of Motorola’s Xoom or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 remains to be seen, though we’ll be sure to update you once we know more.

Does the fact that the IdeaPad K1 supports Netflix have you leaning towards picking up the IdeaPad over other Honeycomb tablets?  Anyone out there already get their hands on an IdeaPad K1 via the Office Depot pre-orders that started going out a few days ago? Did you notice Netflix support as well? Sound off in the comments.

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