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Samsung beat Apple, Nokia in Q2 sales without U.S. Galaxy S II?

It’s no big news that Android, with about 550,000 activations a day, now has greater market share than Apple. But to say one lone manufacturer is beating the almighty iPhone? That’s quite a claim. Bloomberg reported Samsung has left Nokia way behind in Q2 sales, and might have even beat Apple.

According to the Q2 reports from these manufacturers, Samsung sold between 18 and 21 million devices during the April-June quarter. The company definitely beat Nokia, who sold 16.7 million phones. And Samsung may have even surpassed Apple, who sold 20.3 million devices. We do recognize the sales range for Samsung is a bit broad. Our Android buddy may or may not have beaten Apple; if not, they at least got mighty close.

We have to consider the fact that Samsung has more devices, ranging from basic feature phones to high-end smartphones. Samsung is also known to open itself to a wider variety of carriers. It comes as no surprise that it’s getting ahead in the game, given the hard work the company’s putting in.

This is no small feat; props to Samsung. Let’s just hope Apple doesn’t get more upset with our Android manufacturer and take legal action even further than it already is. And, Samsung, get that Galaxy S II in the U.S. already! You’ll do even better in Q3 if you do it quick.

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Source: Bloomberg

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