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Video: FreePress videos make fun of AT&T/T-Mobile merger

The AT&T/T-Mobile merger has been a hot issue lately. Both sides of the aisle are arguing fiercely about the pros and cons of the acquisition. One of those arguing against it is FreePress. The nonprofit organization has been aggressively fighting to stop the merger from happening. Today, they took their latest shot at both companies with four videos depicting what would happen if AT&T manages to swallow T-Mobile. Spoiler alert: It won’t be pretty for consumers.

Each different video talks about the ways consumers will be negatively affected by the acquisition. The first one, My Bill, shows what would happen to T-Mobile customers’ bills once they’re moved to AT&T. Put simply, those low prices T-Mobile has will be replaced by AT&T’s not-so-low prices.

The second one, Back to the 80′s, explains how, if the merger is approved, we’d be going back to the good ole days when AT&T owned the whole phone market. Also, legwarmers will become popular again. Damn you, AT&T/T-Mobile!

The third, New Best Friends, is similar to Back to the 80′s. The main point it tries to get across is that people will have less choice and higher prices if the acquisition gets approved. In this one, a clueless Verizon makes an appearance.

The fourth and final video is Jobless. In my opinion, this one is the funniest (baby phones FTW!) and the most likely to connect with consumers. In this economy, everybody is familiar with layoffs. This video shows exactly what would happen if AT&T gets its hands on T-Mobile–a lot of people will get fired.

Pretty funny, eh? If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and “like” your favorite video on Facebook. The video that gets the most Facebook “likes” will be used in a TV ad campaign by FreePress. Afterwards, come back and tell us which one is your favorite.

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