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Are carriers to blame for the Galaxy S II’s absence in the US?

O Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II, wherefore art thou Galaxy S II? While other countries have long been enjoying the sweet hum of your dual-core Exynos chipset, here in the States we sit quietly and wait for something, somewhere, to happen. Even Bell Canada has their own varient of the Galaxy S II now. The device played host to a launch event that spurred a rather interesting statement from Paul Brannen of Samsung Canada. While the audio from the video below may be terrible at times, around the 2:30 mark you can hear Brannen give a quick look into why the Galaxy S II hit Bell before any US carriers. According to Brannen,

I was reading a blog recently, where somebody from the United States was commenting on how come Bell Canada is launching the Galaxy S II in North America before a US carrier. Somebody from Samsung simply said, 'Because the carrier worked more closely with us to get it done.'Paul BrannenSamsung

The comment was meant to be a nod in Bell’s direction for working so closely with Samsung to release a great product in a timely manner, but for us in the US, it feels more like a disappointed frown in our direction.

Things like quality control, advertising campaigns and carrier customizations have surely played their roles in the Galaxy S II’s prolonged arrival. But this goes to show that, had US carriers wanted it bad enough, it would have already been here. Looks like the almighty dollar is, as usual, in line before consumers. And it’s not giving up its spot anytime soon.

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Source: Canadian Reviewer

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