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Developer of Better Android Apps loses Android Market account, doesn’t know why


The developer of the Better Android series of apps has penned a blog post today announcing that the Android Market account tied to their apps has been suspended without a known reason.

According to the post, Better Android can’t think of any idea why the account would have been shut down. In keeping with how Google has handled the suspension of developer accounts in the past, a generic response was delivered via e-mail with the dreaded “your Android Market developer account has been suspended due to violations of our developer agreement and policies” message attached.

Google isn’t keen on giving out precise information as to why developer accounts get banned, and they have a poor track record of responding to inquiries.

Better Android was best known for Better Keyboard, but also had several other apps, including Open Home, as well as some themes on the Android Market. Other developers also developed themes for Better Android apps, including our own Android and Me Labs. Unfortunately, at this point it looks like all the folks behind Better Android, as well as other developers who rely on BA, can do is sit and wait.

Source: Better Android Apps

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