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Sprint holding “Strategy Update” on October 7th, LTE on the way?


Sprint is holding an invitation-only “strategy update” on October 7th in New York City, Engadget reports. Though we don’t know for sure what they will be announcing, we believe it’s safe to assume that the announcement will not be iPhone 5 related. Instead, it will probably focus on the future of Sprint’s next-generation mobile network.

As you may recall, Sprint told Engadget that they were going to outline significant 4G plans in the fall of 2011. Since that announcement, we’ve learned of a lengthy agreement between Sprint and LightSquared focused on the buildout of an LTE network. We’ve not learned much more about the arrangement since it was signed in June, but we can be sure that Sprint and Lightsquared likely have been actively working on the network over the past few months.

Also up on the rumor chart is a more closely knit partnership or takeover of Clearwire, which would also facilitate in building an LTE network. Bloomberg noted a few weeks ago that Sprint was already in talks to potentially purchase Clearwire. This would expand their existing partnership in the development of an LTE-Advanced network and create the capability to deliver theoretical speeds of 100Mbps.

Though the picture of what Sprint will actually announce (and who they will partner with) is murky at best, it appears the number 3 network in the US will soon have an LTE network to replace the WiMAX that performed poorly against other carrier’s LTE and HSPA+ networks in PCMag’s network performance test.

Of course, we won’t know for sure until the eve of the event in October. We like a healthy bit of speculation here at Android and Me, and encourage you do to the same.  What do you guys think Sprint will announce in October? Be creative and leave us your thoughts below!

Source: Engadget

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