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Will the Droid Bionic feature a massive 4.5 inch display?

Droid Bionic

Motorola’s upcoming Droid Bionic is the most-hyped Android device right now with good reason. It’s the first phone to combine Verizon’s speedy 4G LTE network with a powerful dual-core processor. It would appear that everything there is to know about the device has already leaked out, but there might be a few surprises left.

Tonight our friends over at Droid-Life released a couple new pictures of a test device in the wild. It looks pretty much the same as the last time we saw it, but now we get a better view of the bump on the back that was first revealed in March (remember the Motorola “Targa”?).

There is also a picture showing the Droid Bionic next to the Droid Charge. The full specs leaked out earlier this week and we were expecting the Bionic to feature a 4.3 inch display. However, when we see the phone side-by-side with the Charge’s 4.3 inch display it appears the Bionic is slightly larger.

Could the Bionic actually feature a massive 4.5 inch display similar to the Samsung Infuse? Verizon should be released the long-awaited device around September 8th, so we will find out soon.

Will the Bionic have a 4.5 inch display?

Source: Droid-Life

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