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Fake Nexus Prime website pops up online


Every year when a hot new device starts landing, we see a lot of search traffic and blogs and websites pop up online that try to cash in on those precious page views. Some take the route of simply ripping off every other blog under the sun, while some try their hardest to replicate some sort of official landing page, and others (this is the worst kind) just feature lists of buzz words to shove ads in your face. The latest buzz blog to rear it’s ugly head on the Internet is a neat combination of those three. It is,

Bearing the headline “Google Nexus Prime, ‘dubbed quite simply and rather optimistically, the iPhone killer.’”, the website is a nearly unnavigable enigma of rumors, “features”, videos and links to Best Buy. Seriously.

The rumors and information featured on the site is surprisingly accurate, and there’s a good reason for that. On the “Google Nexus Prime Features” page, you’ll find an entire article, accompanied by a CNET video, ripped right from International Business Times. Blatant plagiarism. The next page, “About Android 4.0″, has text from several other websites, including Tech Radar. The rest of GoogleNexus-4 continues stealing from credible sites like PhoneDog, and less credible sites that have actually ripped off other sites as well. It’s like a ripoff site of ripoff sites.

And then there’s the Best Buy links. Not that the big-box store is affiliated in any way with this horror, but they appear to be real links to Nexus S accessories.

If you’d like to sign up for more information you can, but you’re not going to do that right? Right. The reason why we are even talking about this website is to point out the obvious, which is sometimes overlooked. Be careful where you get your news from, and be cautious of who you give your information to. Who knows what a site like this would do with it. If it’s info on the next Nexus you’re looking for, be sure to keep us in your bookmarks.


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