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HTC gets colorful; purple EVO 3D just the beginning


Originally launched in black, available in white on September 9th and now coming soon to Best Buy in purple, the HTC EVO 3D is the latest in what looks to be an upcoming trend for HTC devices: lots of color.

Traditionally, smartphones have been rather bland in terms of aesthetics. If the hardware isn’t black, it’s usually white. There’s been few exceptions to this rule. The myTouch series has always been known for its wild hues of red and purple. The Wildfire variants have always been bright devices (a pink version just recently launched). And that’s about as far as it goes. By taking a look at some of HTC’s upcoming devices, you can see the company starting to shy away from the boring.

Not only will the EVO 3D be available in three colors, but HTC has some rather funky phones in the pipeline. For starters, the HTC Bliss will be launching in a calming shade of sea-foam green. Actual pictures of the device have shown that the coloring of the Bliss won’t be very intense, but it’s an interesting choice nonetheless. The same cannot be said about the HTC Glamor. There still isn’t much known about the Glamor (it was originally thought to be the same as the Bliss, and it still could be), but older renders of the device depict a smaller handset in vibrant shades of pink, blue and yellow.

Could HTC be using colorful hardware as way to separate themselves from the pack? It would certainly make sense. While black and white phones are surely the big sellers, colors like red, purple, green, pink, yellow and blue help HTC handsets stand out right off the bat. Exotic hardware paired with HTC’s own signature software will make for some killer unique experiences. How does the color of a phone affect your decision to purchase? Does the colorful entice you, or is murdered out the way to go?

Source: PocketNow

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