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Samsung Galaxy S II family picture leaked: AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint variants (Update)


Verizon users are still sad that Big Red will not be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II. But life goes on, as they say. The Galaxy S II clan has gotten together for a family photo, and they’re not looking bad.

If you’ve been wondering what the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for your carrier will look like, now you know. These devices should be launched during Samsung’s announcement next Monday, August 29.

It does seem these aren’t as good looking as the international version. This was also the case with the OG Samsung Galaxy S devices. US carriers want exclusivity, and that definitely shakes things up. That’s actually one of the main reasons this device took so long to get to the US.

So, this is what the Galaxy S II variants will look like, and you should expect them to be coming soon. (Finally!) Sure was a long wait, wasn’t it? Are you guys still getting one of these? Or is it too late?


It seems like the Samsung Galaxy S II announcement scheduled for the 29th was delayed due to Hurricane Irene. It will actually be on the 30th. Yes, we will have to wait one more day…

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