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Samsung SCH-i515 passes through Bluetooth SIG; Droid Prime confirmed?


For quite some time now, rumors pertaining to the first Ice Cream Sandwich device have been progressing in an orderly fashion. Specs, a model number, the launch name and a release window seemed to have been all but officially announced. Until yesterday. BGR first broke the news on Monday that the first Ice Cream Sandwich device may not be the Nexus everyone was expecting.

According to a “close source” of BGR’s inside Verizon, the Samsung Droid Prime will launch as a Big Red exclusive and will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device. Going by the newest unconfirmed information, the introductory ICS device won’t be the GT-i9250 like originally rumored; it will be the SCH-i515. The validity of this new information will undoubtedly be tested until an official announcement is made. But if the SCH-i515 is indeed the Droid Prime, then the Droid Prime just made it’s way through Bluetooth SIG.

As far as information from the posting goes, not much is revealed. It does peg the SCH-i515 as a CDMA device, but that’s about it. However, that small bit of information paired with the fact that the Droid Charge is the SCH-i510, does start to make this whole Droid Prime thing sound almost reasonable.

Could the i515 be the first Ice Cream Sandwich device, but not the next Nexus? Google did let Sprint throw a “4G” on the name of their Nexus variant, but would they drop the Nexus name altogether? It’s almost like the original Droid or Xoom all over again–a first of its kind, just without the Nexus name. The real Nexus device could still launch after the Droid Prime in time for the holiday season. It’s a lot to take in with what we already thought we knew about the flagship ICS device, but at this point, it’s all certainly possible.

Source: DroidLife

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